Chops Bud

3.5/5 Chops Bud
Chops Bud

Chops Bud

  • Over-ear adjustable ear hanger for a secure fit.
  • Sleek design, with lots of colors to choose from make these iCandy®
  • Sweat-resistant and lightweight design.

    The earbuds’ moisture resistant materials won't play victim to your sweaty labors.


    Chops Bud produces attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs.


    The hanger features a two-piece mold that fits over your ear for extra stability.

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Quality Crafted
  • Adjustable Hanger

    Featuring two-piece construction, the adjustable hanger fits over your ear for extra stability.

  • Supreme Sound™

    Chops produces attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs.

Design + Fit
  • Durable Design.

    Moisture resistant materials that won't play victim to your sweaty labors.

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5.0/5 5/5
tcandy is a great company and cheaper then beats but the sound is still amazing compard to othe companies these are great for active people such as my self they don't fall out and they are just amazing great job skullcandy
4.0/5 4/5
These are a decent pair of earbuds. I couldn't be any happier for $20. They do have good sound, but it sounds muddy after a few months. The rubber rings around the earpiece fall off once in a while, and after 6 months you hear static, which might be fixed by wiggling the Jack 10 times. If that didnt fix it, use the warranty.
4.0/5 4/5
I like volume control and the type of ear buds but it has no volume control cable. I don't want the in ear part I just want the cable to control my volume. And I wouldn't mind it costing more just make it 30 I won't mid as long as I have a volume controlled headset.
4.0/5 4/5
Gotta say- I'm impressed. These buds went through the wash and function like nothing ever happened. These things will withstand anything. Only thing is that they get kind of uncomfortable after a while.
3.0/5 3/5
These earbuds do not meet my expectation of quality usually demonstrated by SkullCandy.
The earpiece works as intended...keep the buds in place during head movement. Unfortunately, the earpiece my be the problem with the delivery of good sound. By that, I mean that the volume must increased to harmful levels because the earpiece does not allow for appropriate placement of the bud in order for good sound delivery.
I am returning this item but will continue to buy SkullCandy products.