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 Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh

Omar Apollo
is Fresh.

Indiana probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of Fresh. But location, race, good looks—none of those things are a defining label for Omar Apollo. You only have to listen to him once to recognize his musical talent and creativity outshine anything you can see at his surface.

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Omar Apollo is a Fresh face in the bustling scene of psychedelic soul-leaning Indie singer/songwriters. In fact, one of his most quotable song lyrics is “you ain’t never seen a brown boy like this.” But what makes Omar so Fresh is less about his looks and more about the creativity he brings to his music. From producing to singing, he’s completely self-taught. And that strong DIY ethic runs through most of his work. His recently released VHS-style music video for “Ashamed” (a track off his new EP, Friends,) is a prime example of what Fresh means to us. Rather than make a glossy big-budget video for a song that has traces of Prince in the vocals and guitar licks, Omar created a simple video of him wildin’ out with a bunch of friends on a sunny day. The fact that Omar rarely takes himself, or his art, too seriously makes his music extremely fun, and it’s a big reason why he’s on the come up. His coolness is effortless, and in the process, he lets his work speak for itself. Needless to say, we’re psyched on the unique twist he’s bringing to Indie music.

:45 Seconds

“Why are you sleeping with your guitar?”

Omar explains how he developed the muscle memory necessary to play guitar.
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:20 Seconds

“You're not a good student.”

Omar tells how one college went from denying him admission to immediately wanting him after hearing his music.
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:50 Seconds

“Dad, where did you take me?”

Omar's dad helps him get his back right before going on his first tour.
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