Crusher Wireless Headphone

5.0/5 Crusher Wireless Headphone
Crusher Wireless Headphone
Crusher Wireless Headphone
Crusher Wireless Headphone
Crusher Wireless Headphone
Crusher Wireless Headphone

Crusher Wireless Headphone

  • Powerful, dual-channel haptic bass provides an immersive experience with bass you can feel.
  • Refined memory foam ear pads enable a noise isolating fit.
  • Bluetooth® wireless with up to 40 hours of battery life.



    Stereo haptics deliver strong, directional bass to each ear, bringing your media to life.


    Custom-tuned audio drivers provide a powerful and refined sound for all types of music.


    Up to 40 hours of battery life let you dial up the bass for long listening.

  • Stereo Haptic Bass

    Stereo Haptic Bass is delivered to each side of the head for true left and right variable bass.

  • Custom-Tuned Drivers

    Custom-tuned audio drivers deliver rich, refined acoustics to complement the Stereo Haptic Bass across all music.

  • Noise Isolating

    Refined acoustics provide a noise isolating fit that seals out distraction.

  • Adjustable Bass

    Adjust the slider on the ear cup to customize the immersive bass experience to your preference or media.

  • Long Battery Life

    Up to 40 hours of Bluetooth® wireless battery life connects you to your media without tying you to your device.

  • Built-In Controls

    For taking calls, managing music and adjusting volume, the remote and microphone are built right into the ear cup.

  • Quality Construction

    With memory foam ear pads and a premium design, these headphones look great and fit comfortably.

  • Foldable Design

    A foldable design makes for a compact package when not in use, letting you take the immersive stereo haptic bass experience anywhere.

  • Travel Bag

    Once folded up, Crusher Wireless and all accessories slip into the provided premium travel bag for easy storage and transport.

17.15 cm
Crusher Wireless Headphone
Crusher Wireless Headphone
17.78 cm
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5.0/5 5/5
These are the best headphones for bass. I am very happy with them. Thank you Skullcandy for making me feel the bass!
Bruce b
5.0/5 5/5
Oh my by far best headphones ever had waited to buy till they were bluetooth wait was worth it wear every day at work awesome feel battery lasts forever sound second to none being able to adjust bass extra nice don't wait buy won't be sorry
EL ChapMo
5.0/5 5/5
These are hands down the best headphones on the market. I've tested numerous headphones in the same segment and Skullcandy keeps up and far exceeds brands like Bose, Denon, JBL, and yes Beats. You will not be disappointed at all. The bass, mid range, and treble are superb. I listened to a Young Jeezy album because it has a range of drum kits and complex range tones. These headphones CRUSHED! Skullcandy got it right and you don't want to miss out on purchasing these CRUSHERS.
Im A Fish
5.0/5 5/5
I can´t believe how amazing these headphones are! They have Excellent Clarity, Amazing comfort, treble, highs, mids, and everything else, I don´t have words to describe these headphones other than AMAZING! Especially with the bass control feature that in unbelievably strong, at the max setting these will rattle your head so much. These are Bluetooth with the option of a wire and THEY HAVE 40 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE!!! It amazes me of how you can have Bluetooth headphones that rattle the hell out of your head, its amazing!!!
5.0/5 5/5
I have had the crusher wireless for about a week now and they do live up to their name. Excellent clarity and real depth of sound no matter what I am listening to. Most of the time I only keep the bass turned about half, all the way if I really want to be blown away. Battery life is impressive. I am about 15 hours in on this charge and no issues. Perhaps the best distance and connectivity I have experienced with a pair of wireless headphones. Well worth it. Skullcandy, you crushed it.