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Briana King

Briana King is a skateboarder, community organizer, activist and model. Recognized for her judgement-free influence in a traditionally male-dominated industry, she works to remove boundaries and make it easier for girls and LGBTQ+ skaters to become involved with skateboarding. She uses her voice at in-person events and on social channels to make skateboarding more inclusive and accessible.

Desiree Melancon

For the last 18 years, Desiree Melancon has been a contributor to the growth and progression within the culture of snowboarding. Having accolades such as Women’s Rider of the Year, Women’s Video Part of the Year, and a cover on Snowboarder Magazine, her core achievements provide a platform to use her voice with intention. She advocates to educate and create awareness for mental health and inclusivity in action sports and outdoor industries.

Dorian Electra

Dorian Electra is a gender-fluid alternative pop artist. Dorian’s high-concept albums tackle topics such as meme culture and capitalism while leveraging wit and satire to subvert the status quo. Masterfully blending an assortment of music styles including hardcore, metal, medieval, epic baroque, dubstep and pop, Dorian’s music often centers around challenging gender stereotypes, queer representation and cultural expectations.

Gianni Lee

Gianni Lee has made a name for himself as a well-established fine artist from West Philadelphia. This artist, musician, DJ, producer, and fashion brand founder defies any limits when it comes to self-expression. His artistic inspiration is often driven by social issues and civil rights in the U.S. and abroad.

Guapdad 4000

Hypebeast puts it best; “Guapdad is more than a rapper — he’s a fully formed internet personality.” He has released tracks featuring Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy, Snoop Dogg and more. Guap’s debut album, Dior Deposits, was on the New York Times best albums of 2019 list and his new album, 1176, has been called one of the best albums of the year by outlets including Uproxx and the Ringer.

Hannah Eddy

A professional visual artist, Hannah uses her platform to help raise awareness for the things that drive her passion. As a snowboard, skate, and surf enthusiast, she finds inspiration through outdoor adventure and uses her signature art style to advocate for climate change, inclusivity and mental health.

Ishita Malaviya

Breaking out of old traditions and forging her own path, Ishita is pioneering surfing for women in India. Featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Ishita co-founded the Shaka Surf Club and has become one of the most prominent role models for girls and women around the world who want to surf.

Jamie Tworkowski

Former surf industry pro Jamie Tworkowski founded the mental health non-profit To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) and authored the New York Times Bestseller If You Feel Too Much. As an entrepreneur, advocate and motivational speaker, Jamie continues to push the suicide prevention conversation forward and champions the message: “it’s okay to ask for help.”

Kai Jones

At 14 years old, Kai is a professional skier who drops the same lines and stomps the same airs as some of the best in the world. Fortunately, he uses his powers for good. He advocates for climate awareness through Protect Our Winters, a non-profit founded by his uncle, snowboard legend Jeremy Jones.

Kyuss King

Named after a heavy metal band and sponsored since age six, Kyuss has been dominating the surf scene and proving there is nothing this Aussie local can’t do. Creative by nature, Kyuss is also a talented musician, model and visual artist whose drawings have shown up on everything from surfboards and apparel to headphones.

Matthias Dandois

Crowned the world’s best BMX flatlander at the age of 19, Matthias has pioneered a hybrid riding style that blends grinds, wall rides and half-cabs. A creative at heart, Matthias is also a gifted analog photographer, showcasing his photos in his limited-edition book Into the Un(Known) and even landing the cover of Vogue. In his own words: “The common point between riding and photography is there are no rules!”


Alternative pop singer Mothica first went viral with her single “Vices,” on TikTok. Her music is deeply personal, focusing on her journey to sobriety. Mothica continues to advocate for mental health and help those looking to overcome addiction.

Nolan Cooley

Nolan is a teenage surfer, skateboarder and talented visual artist living with autism. Since the age of six, his upbeat, colorful style has amassed a large collection of mediums and collaborations. Nolan expresses his creativity and pours out his passion onto everything from paper and canvas to surfboards, skateboards and more.

Rasmus King

Rasmus King, the youngest of the King brothers, is a force to be reckoned with. Having already established himself as one of Australia’s top up-and-coming surfers, he recently expanded his list of roles to include actor, starring in the feature film Bosch and Rockit. Rasmus’ list of talents goes on to include skater, model and musician.

Tim Eddy

Tim Eddy is an environmental activist, DIY trendsetter and all-around eternal optimist. He lives for the moment while reminding us to work towards a better future. A longtime snowboard pro who has authored books with his wife Hannah, Tim continues to take a front-line approach to climate change through his ambassador role with Protect our Winters.

Vasu Sojitra

His motto, “Ninjasticking through the woods to bring intersectionality to the outdoors” says it all. Vasu challenges the biases faced by people of color with disabilities through his work promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). He uses his platform as a consultant and accomplished athlete to advocate for communities who have been historically under-represented within the outdoor industry.

Zeb Powell

Hailing from North Carolina to become the first black athlete to win gold at the Winter X Games, goofy-foot snowboarder Zeb Powell is no stranger to breaking boundaries. Zeb brings a unique perspective to an industry that has traditionally lacked diversity, and he’s committed to using his voice to bring people of color into the snow sports scene.

Eero Ettala

Securing his place as one of the best snowboarders of all time, there isn't much this Finnish athlete hasn’t done. Although one of the most winning athletes in snowboarding, Eero admittedly skips the contests, now. Instead, he travels the world creating killer content in both the backcountry and urban scenes — adding filmmaker and producer to his resumé.

Anna Gasser

Defining the future of slopestyle and big air riding for women, Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser is an inspiration to the newest generation of rippers. With Gold at the 2018 Olympics, an ESPY for Best Female Action Sports Athlete and countless Winter X Games podiums, she is key to the progression and inclusion of women in snowboarding.

Andy Anderson

Andy is one of the most unique skateboarders in the industry. He uses art to surprise and encourage people to transform the sport through their own creativity. Refusing to choose style over safety, Andy never skates without his helmet. He hopes to represent Canada on its national skateboarding team in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

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