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You Feel Me?
Episode 7: Conner Coffin

Conner Coffin was raised in the idyllic Central Coast city of Santa Barbara, CA. A quick drive up the 101 from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is a day trip destination known for it’s food, night life, and beaches. It’s those same beaches where Conner found his love for the ocean and honed his craft as a kid. His home break, Rincon, is considered one of California’s best waves and has been getting love even before The Beach Boys mentioned it in 1962.

Conner’s family instilled a strong work ethic in him, and it’s apparent when he rides. As a youth he would surf every day after school, until he realized school wasn’t stimulating him. He home schooled his last few years of high school, not because he couldn’t keep up with the work, but because the work was too easy. With the extra time to study at his own pace, he had plenty of time to live his dream in the water daily. Along the way he picked up an on-and-off love affair with the guitar. But that all changed when he saw the Rolling Stones play.

Music has always played a big roll in Conner’s life, but after seeing the Stones perform, the guitar became his secondary obsession. His guitar has become his most faithful travel partner and always gives him something other than surfing to occupy his time on the road, which is a whole lot of time. His recently released EP Conner Coffin & Friends is collection of six cover songs that meant the world to him growing up, including his renditions of songs from legends like Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and The Band.

Look out for Conner on the WSL tour and tune in to hear us talk about qualifying for tour, Kelly’s wave in Lemoore, and the pecking order at Pipe.

Show Highlights

04:41 Church of Skatan and Conner’s first half pipe
06:00 Learning to surf at age 4
10:20 Homeschooling
13:45 Surfing bad waves
17:53 First sponsor
20:03 Winning first Nationals event
21:20 Learning to play guitar
24:55 Learning to sing
28:00 Surfing Pipe at 13
46:30 Credits and discount code

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